A little bit of flute and a whole lotta spit

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What do you think about Stevens?

Well, me and Sthtevens hang out sthometimesth because of the two of usth being in band and I guessth I could consthider him a friend of mine. Asthide from the fact that we’re both in band we don’t talk or hang out much though. He can kind of be a jerk sthometimesth too. 

Still, it was dark an scary inside there an I don think I liek it, no I don't. I'd rather listen, uh huh!

Yesth, that’sth understhtandable and it’sth okay that you don’t like it. I can sthtill play sthongsth for you if you’d like, though. 

*purrs a little* Don't worry, I won't go near it! Silver noisemaker sounds pretty when you play it, but it scareses me, yes it does.

D’awwww that’sth really sthweet of you to sthay but it’sth not really sthomething you sthhould be sthcared of little guy. It’sth not going to hurt you and I mostht certainly won’t let you get hurt by it again. 

Yay~!! *wiggles little amoeba appendages happily* How's your silver noisemaker?

-begins petting him as though he were a cat or something, making sure to be gentle- My flute isth doing justht fine and I’ve been practicing quite a bit lately. I justht want to make sthure you don’t end up getting sthtuck in it again. 

How are you today? O uO)

I am doing justht fine thanksth. ouo How about you? 

Hehehee, I'm sooper-dooper, yes I am! How are you, Miss Lispy?

That’sth good! And I’m doing ‘sthuper-duper’ asth well! -leans down and picks him up, just letting him chill there in her arms- 

*pops out of under your hat* Boo~!! *giggles*

D’awwww! Hello there little guy I haven’t stheen you in sthome time! How are you doing? ;u;

hello! o uo)/

Oh hello there! 

//OOC; Psssssssst heeeeeyyyy guuuuuyyyysssss.// 

*slides and falls out of the flute, flailing in midair, then landing hard on the ground and quickly curling up into a ball, shaking*

-drops her flute as soon as he’s out of it and picks him up off of the ground, holding him in her arms in a protective lil way- Sthee I told you you were going to be alright. Everything isth okay now and you’re sthafe.